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Our Networks

Through strategic partnerships and memberships, we lead to a better future by delivering comprehensive climate change solutions with visionary organizations.

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Scaling Together: Building a Sustainable Future with Powerful Partnerships

We believe reaching the summit of the climate crisis requires a collective effort. That's why we partner with leading firms around the world, each bringing their unique expertise and unwavering commitment to the climb.

Carbon Disclosure Project

Mt.Stonegate has become a CDP-accredited renewable energy solutions provider (ASP) in China. This strategic partnership with Beijing CDP will enable us to provide a broader range of organizational environmental solutions and comprehensive one-stop sustainable development strategies.

RECS energy certificate
Renewable Energy Certificate Association 

MSG has joined the Renewable Energy Certificate Association (RECS), a global leader in renewable energy solutions. Through this partnership, we are committed to expanding our renewable energy portfolio and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy

International Tracking Standard Foundation

The managing director of Mt.Stonegate is a co-founding member and inventor of the idea for the International Tracking Standard Foundation (previously the International REC Standard Foundation). Mt.Stonegate successfully pioneered the first I-REC Trader in the Asian region, showcasing its leadership and commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the area.

Clean Energy Buyers Association

Mt.Stonegate has become a member of the Clean Energy Buyers Association (CEBA) as a service provider, committed to empowering organizations in their transition to clean energy solutions. Through our partnership, we navigate organizations in choosing clean energy advancements and shaping a sustainable future.


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