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Energy Attributed Certificates (EACs)

Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) provide a prompt and convenient solution to meet the demand for renewable energy. These systems of certification ensure the reliability and transparency of renewable electricity generation.

Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) is a market-based instrument representing renewable energy attributes generated from renewable sources.

EAC plays a significant role in verifying and tracking the green attributes of energy production, enabling businesses and individuals to support and claim the use of renewable energy even if it is not directly connected to renewable power sources. Also, EACs play a crucial role in meeting the prerequisites of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and enhancing corporate sustainability evaluations, aligning with the goals of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)  and RE100 objectives.

Global Trading Systems Map

Global EACs - August 2023

As of August 2023


EAC option by region

Depending on geographic region and regulatory frameworks, EACs are known by various names. Our market proficiency and extensive partner network have enabled us to broaden our global product selection. This encompasses offerings like the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC), United States Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), European Guarantees of Origin (GOs), and other National EACs such as Taiwan T-REC, China GEC, Japan GEC, and Australia LGC. Mt.Stonegate also offer EACs with EKOenergy and Green-e labels.

International Renewable Energy Certificate


The International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) is a universally accepted EAC offering businesses and entities the opportunity to acquire EACs even in regions lacking regulated national renewable electricity systems.


All I-REC operations are overseen by the International Tracking Standard Foundation (I-TRACK Standard). This nonprofit organization oversees all I-REC operations, ensuring global transparency, uniformity, and credibility in tracking and certifying renewable energy. While the I-TRACK Standard doesn't partake in EAC trading itself, it facilitates trade between various stakeholders, including national governments and industry players. Mt. Stonegate’s managing director is distinguished as a founding member and a board member of the I-REC Standard.

I-REC Map - November 2023

As of November 2023


  • Provide energy attribute tracking for voluntary purposes.



  • I-REC does not have a centralized regulatory body and is administered by local certification bodies in each participating country.

  • These bodies must adhere to common principles and guidelines to ensure consistency in issuing and tracking I-REC, which differs across countries.

  • Consume I-RECs from the country where consumption occurs.


  • I-REC can be used to demonstrate eligible renewable energy consumption towards RE100 goals and SBTi targets.

  • CDP's climate change questionnaire allows companies to report renewable energy procurement through I-REC.

Mt. Stonegate

How can Mt. Stonegate help you: 

Market Expertise

Mt. Stonegate proposes suitable solutions based on our near to long-term insights into the renewable energy market and provides you with the latest market trends, industry regulations, and emerging opportunities. Whether you want to venture into renewable energy, expand your existing presence, or seek growth opportunities, Mt. Stonegate's market expertise can lead you to a better future. 

Tailor-made Solutions

Mt. Stonegate specializes in creating tailor-made solutions that align with your specific challenges and goals. We guarantee both effective and efficient renewable solutions that can be modified for a single delivery or multiple deliveries. 

Multinational Solutions

Mt. Stonegate offers diverse energy attribute certificate standards from all around the world. With years of experience, we partnered with project owners, off-takers, and businesses around the globe to offer competitive solutions and simplify multinational procurement of renewable energy.

One-stop Services

Mt. Stonegate provides a one-stop service that includes strategic sustainability consultancy, global sourcing of EACs, and carbon assets management. 

Further information tailored to your needs, please contact us. 

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