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From on-site emission reduction and greenhouse gas examination to renewable energy sourcing, we ease the process and optimize your spending on environmental goals.


Renewable Energy Solutions

With our unique position as device manager, project developer, and power retailer - we own the unique strengths for our different roles to evaluate a mixed strategy. Based on your consumption targets and site characteristics, we realize practical solutions to your sustainable goals.


Carbon Asset Management

Elevate your corporate sustainability with Mt.Stonegate. Our Carbon Asset Management services empower businesses to address climate change proactively. From in-depth carbon footprint analyses to developing high-quality carbon credits, we are your trusted partner in crafting a greener and more resilient future.

Carbon Asset Management Pic_edited.jpg

Strategic Sustainability Consultancy 

With a vision of a world where every business operates sustainably, Mt.Stonegate is dedicated to making that vision a reality. We provide strategic sustainability consulting services that empower organizations to achieve climate goals. This includes market reports, training, and ESG reports.


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