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4 Renewable Energy Solutions

+ the MSG Solution

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With our unique position as device manager, project developer and power retailer - we own the unique strengths for our different roles to evaluate a mixed strategy. Based on your consumption targets and site characteristics, we realize practical solutions to your sustainable goals.

Other Certifcates

1. On-Site Renewables​


On-site installation is one way for direct consumption of renewable energy. While many under-estimate viability and risks associated with on-site projects, we help clients with concept examination and project advising. Based on our experience , we provide expert judgements on the economic and environmental benefits to your projects.


2. Energy Attribute Certificates


Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs)  are the quickest, most convenient solution to satisfy reneable energy consumption. Certification systems enable reliable and transparent identity for renewable electricity generation. Named differently in different countries, we offer:

  • US RECs, in North America

  • Guarantee of Origin in the European Union

  • I-REC, in Rest of the World

  • Other local schemes such as C-GEC, J-GEC...etc.

We develope a mixed-strategy topping advantages from each of the 4 options. We can get you most cost-effective procurement of renewable energy.

3. Power Purchase Agreement

4. Green Tariff


Mt.Stonegate is eager to assist you in switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy. We offer in-depth reports for clients to understand their power demand curve, create a market pricing analysis as well as a selection of power plant portfolio to contract and offtake renewables. 


Green tariff is a way to fulfill green power consumption with a premium price above your contracted utility price. With our partnerships in the power markets, Mt.Stonegate offers a custom green tariff menu for flexibility and convenient acquisition of green energy. Switch to our selected power utility and we make it possible at a competitive price.


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Our Milestones

Our Milestones

  • We were the first I-REC trader in Asia, 2014.


  • We made possible the first I-REC transaction to occur in our home market: Taiwan.

  • In July 2018, we opened a new office in Shanghai.

  • In July 2019, we started a new branch office in Tokyo, and a representative office in Paris.

  • In 2020, we introduced a new representative office in Indonesia.

  • To-date, we've sold over 6300 GWh of I-RECs in Asia.

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