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Companies are Moving Towards Sustainability, the Forum Invites Experts to Gather in Taipei

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

“Sustainability Enterprise Workshop” was held in Wen Hua University on 12th September 2018. The main themes of the workshop were energy saving, carbon offsetting, sustainable development and renewable energy.

The host was Dr. Jules Chuang from Mt.Stonegate and expert speakers, including Niven Huang from KPMG, Merve Güngör from EKOenergy and Mavis Liu from Bureau Veritas Certification Taiwan participated.

As a result of the significant climate change discussions in the recent years, international society has started paying attention to the issue of renewable energy more than ever. The topics within the workshop provided the opportunity for companies to learn how to overcome the challenge, through the presentations titled “Recognition and action of climate change”, “2 degrees promise”, “What is EKOenergy Label”,”Green Assets Management” and “Organizational Greenhouse gases”.

Taiwan’s first enterprise that has joined the RE 100 – TCI attended the workshop as well as, companies such as Delta Electronics and other organizations which focus on renewable energy and climate change. These issues have obviously become an important focus, not only for governments but also enterprises.



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