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Key Insights from Conference CHARGE-Powering Energy Brands (Houston)

Writer: Dongqi YANG, Vivian CHUANG, Albert SUTANTO

Social Media Team: George K. KIONGSON, Jonathan PHILLIP

(L-R) Vivian Chuang (Mt Stonegate), Dongqi Yang (Mt Stonegate), and Albert SUTANTO (Mt Stonegate)

Lots of companies are committed to their renewable energy targets, not only to fulfill local regulations or global policies, but also to meet customer expectations and play a vital role in future sustainability.

In Asia, several markets are still undergoing power market liberalization, making the procurement of renewable energy challenging. However, purchasing renewable energy has been identified as a key lever for reducing carbon in the supply chain. Consequently, many end-users are setting their strategies by using renewables. Mt. Stonegate is well-positioned in Asia, we explore the value that renewable energy certificates (RECs) bring to businesses and how they can be integrated into sustainable strategy development.

Day 1 Highlights

The first day focused on fundamental principles essential for successful brand management. Key discussions emphasized the pivotal role of trust in shaping brand reputations, highlighting the significance of building credibility and reliability among consumers. A survey reveals that most energy leaders feel their brands are not prepared for the future. The session also underscored the importance of infusing creativity, fun, and risk into brand strategies to create engaging and memorable experiences for the target audience. Additionally, the art of storytelling was emphasized as crucial for establishing emotional connections and understanding consumer behavior. 

Day 2 Highlights

Transitioning to Day 2, the focus shifted towards cultivating robust relationships with clients and stakeholders. Discussions urged participants to recognize the appropriate moments for seeking external expertise, noting that certain projects might require specialized knowledge and experience beyond in-house capabilities. The importance of stakeholder involvement at all levels was highlighted, from defining processes and objectives to securing commitment from senior leadership, as a critical success factor in any strategic initiative. Participants were also guided to envision the future of their brands, setting a clear direction for aligning all efforts. A future-oriented outlook, coupled with a strong employer branding strategy that resonates with both current and prospective employees, emerged as key components for sustainable business growth.

Fireside Chat on ESG Authenticity

Our director of North Asia and Global EACs Markets, Dongqi YANG, was invited to a fireside chat titled “Transparency to Guarantee ESG Authenticity” on Day 1, alongside Nancy Edwards from the Clean Power Marketing Group. The discussion highlighted that renewable energy certificates serve as an essential tool for verifying the renewable origin of energy consumed by businesses. By purchasing RECs, companies can support renewable projects and offset their carbon footprint through tangible actions. This not only demonstrates a commitment to sustainability but also provides verifiable evidence of environmental practices.


This year’s CHARGE conference provided valuable insights, emphasizing the critical importance of trust, creativity, strategic vision, and stakeholder engagement in the competitive business landscape. We believe that brand positioning linked with sustainable strategies will soon become a key communication path in Asia market.

(L-R) Nancy Edwards (Clean Power Marketing Group), Dongqi Yang (Mt Stonegate), Albert Sutanto (Mt Stonegate), Vivian Chuang (Mt Stonegate)

Mt. Stonegate is delighted to have met everyone at the event and enjoyed a productive discussion. Feel free to connect with us for more conversations. Let's collaborate on our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future.


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