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The forecast of power and carbon market opportunities and challenges in Asia

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

In response to the global sustainability trend, several Asian countries have taken proactive approaches to develop carbon or renewable energy markets. Those changes in the structures of pre-existing markets can be unknown challenges or brand new opportunities for corporates. We will introduce the inseparable relationship between carbon emission reduction and the use of renewable energy.

Then, we will discuss the current challenges and future opportunities in the carbon or renewable energy markets of Japan, China, Taiwan, and India respectively. After this conference, we hope every participant will be able to gain more insight into the current markets and make decisions beneficial to the corporates as well as the environment in the future.

⚠️The form will be closed on August 5th at 5pm. Please call/email May after the deadline passes⚠️

Sign up HERE. (Google Forms)

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Date & Time :2021/8/11 (Wed) 08:15 ~ 11:50 (GMT+8)

Location :Microsoft Teams (Change in response to the recommendations of the Epidemic Prevention Command Center)

Adviser : Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, Taiwan

Organizer :New Energy & Electricity Development Center, National University of Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Co-organizers : Mt.Stonegate Green Asset Management Ltd., Nanjitan Carbon Management Ltd., & Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development

Supporters :Arbon Capital Co., Ltd., Bureau Veritas Group, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, & Rocky Mountain Institute

Contact information:

Mt.Stonegate Green Asset Management Ltd.- Assistant Project Manager, May Kuan

TEL:+886 4 2380 7548

FAX:+886 4 2380 7549


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