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Green Workshop: The Opportunities and Challenges of Net Zero Emissions for Enterprises

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Updated: January 26, 2022

Figure1. Green Workshop all speakers

The E-Square Inc.- based in Japan cooperated with Mt.Stonegate (MSG) to held a conference for companies all over the world on January 19, 2022. This conference aims to help corporate buyers understand the procurement of renewable energy, mainly in ASEAN countries like Japan and China. Participants also learned about recent trends and policy developments of the RE100 initiative. This event provides a platform for the corporates and speakers to exchange their views on the opportunities and challenges of Net-Zero emissions.

Figure 2. Ken Oikawa explains the potential of low-carbon economy transition

CEO of E-Square Inc., Ken Oikawa presented the “Japanese Companies targets toward “Net-zero” highlighting the five major challenges that Japanese companies may face in moving towards a low-carbon economy, including Technology development, the transformation of business operation, etc., On the other hand, it also mentioned the growth of technology development potentials brought by the low-carbon business.

Figure 3. Dr.Jules CHUANG Introducing the renewable sourcing and Net-zero strategy

Dr. Jules CHUANG, the director of Mt. Stonegate Co., Ltd., presented the net-zero goals announced by various countries and mainly focused on introducing policies in China and Southeast Asia. In addition, Dr. Jules CHUANG also updated the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets in 2021. He also emphasized that China has long become the largest global single carbon market, outpacing EU ETS in the continuous growth of trading volume in the past six months following the launch of the national carbon market in July 2021.

Figure 4. Tetsuya Furuhata talks about energy transition opportunities in the oil and gas industry

Director-General, Research & Analysis Dept. Tetsuya Furuhata from Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) reported on "Energy Transition Opportunities and Challenges of Oil and Gas Industry. He discussed how oil and gas companies are redefining themselves in the energy transition and their serious commitment to reducing greenhouse gases with the help of Carbon Neutral LNG and Carbon Capture and Storage technology.

Figure 5. Speakers from RE100 explain RE100 strategies for corporates

At last, RE100’s Senior Impact Manager and Senior Officer, Aleksandra Klassen and Madeline Pickup presented “Successful Stories and lessons learned from RE100 Strategies around the world”, showing us a future outlook and achievements of international brands to break through RE100 targets. At the same time, 62% of the new members of RE100 came from the Asia-Pacific region, which shows a strong demand signal in Asia.

The Seminar was a success in terms of disseminating information about carbon reduction policies and corporate ESG trends. It emphasized that in the face of increasing climate change policies in various countries around the world, companies should start to reduce carbon emissions while planning their corporate ESG strategy. These strategies have also boosted demand in the global renewable electricity and carbon markets.

The advisor and co-organizer of this conference include Mt. Stonegate Green Asset Management Ltd, Mt.Stonegate Novel Power Ltd, Arbon Capital Ltd, Nanjitan Asser Management Ltd, and E-Square Incorporated in Japan.

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