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We are looking for You! ─ Shanghai

Mt.Stonegate Green Asset Management Ltd.

Assistant Project Manager, Shanghai

“From Asia to the world, we empower consumers choice to reveal the true virtual of green electricity.”

Mt.Stonegate is rapidly expanding! We are looking for someone who can take part in our extensive global network to learn and grow with us. This is your opportunity to learn more about the energy sector and impact the success of our business and your own personal growth.

* This position is based at our Shanghai office located in Xuhui District.

Who are we?

Mt.Stonegate is one of the most active renewable energy traders and consulting firms in the Asia Pacific region. We are headquartered in Taiwan, with operations in Shanghai and Japan. From carbon credits, renewable energy to wind farm development, we unlock hurdles each stops along the way to make possible the sourcing of renewable energy for corporates.

Our Core Values:

Our globalized outreach has found us a passionate team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. We play diversity to our strength to support our mission and find genuine harmony in love and respect.

Work with an Open-Mind: Being in a fast-changing market, we stay flexible with the solutions we provide and are not afraid to make mistakes.

We love our work, and value our people: We devote energy and resources to building your skills and support your growth. We work as a team to support our mission and find genuine trust, love, and respect.

Who are we looking for?

We have an opening for Assistant Project Manager, with visible career development pathway. This opportunity is currently open to new-grad students currently in their final year of study.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support project management upstream and downstream, engage with and support the communication between developers and corporate clients;

  • Support developing tailored scope of carbon emission reduction consultancy services for corporate as well as its supply chain;

  • Manage productive working relationship with clients in mainland China, Taiwan and overseas;

  • Keep abreast of latest policy and regulations on the carbon market to enhance service delivery standards in a practical way;

  • Provide research assistance focusing on the renewable energy, carbon and power markets, follow latest news and policies;

  • Support corporate clients in better understanding global initiatives related to the renewable energy field;

  • Build a social media presence by maintaining a solid online presence;

  • Provide administrative support and event (online and offline) support as required.

Job Requirements

  • Undergraduate (No restrictions on education backgrounds in case of excellence);

  • There is no limit on the professional, give priority to Major in environmental sciences, marketing, public policy, international relations, English or related areas;

  • Enthusiasm for and keen interest in climate change and environment-related issues;

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills in Mandarin Chinese (Native level) and English (Fluent). CET-6 scored 500+,or IELTS scored 6+ or other equivalent grades to prove your English fluency;

  • Ability to work under pressure, careful work, serious attitude, down-to-earth and strong sense of responsibility;

  • Flexibility and willingness to travel;

  • Familiar with word, Excel and other common office software;

  • Ability to work effectively remotely and in remote teams;

  • Ability to work on multiple tasks at a time, and to work well among a team in a fast-paced work environment;

  • Self-driven with ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

Job Highlights

  • This role allows you to wear multiple hats to help you find your career passion

  • We are a workplace that encourage everyone to bring their whole selves to work

  • Industry professionals to guide you along the way

  • Become part of a great team and work with us towards a more sustainable planet

How to Apply?

If you are willing to take on steep learning curve, AND appreciate work-life balance, we would love to hear from you.

Please submit your interest with the following:

1. Cover letter in English;

2. Your CV in both Chinese and English, concisely demonstrating how you meet the required skills, experience or key responsibilities.

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正式员工招募 - 项目副理 - 上海





  • 我们的全球化拓展带领我们成为一支由不同背景和种族所组成的专业团队,并且充斥着充满热情的专业人士。我们透过多元化的优势支持我们的使命,在充满热情及尊重的工作环境中达成员工、公司和客户的共同发展。

  • 以开放的心胸工作:我们对我们提供的解决方案保持灵活性,以因应快速变化的市场,并且不害怕犯错。

  • 我们热爱我们的工作,且重视员工:我们致力于培养你的技能和支持你的成长。身为一个团队,我们重视真诚、信任及尊重。




  • 上游和下游的项目管理,参与并协助项目业主和企业用户间的沟通;

  • 帮助企业及其供应链根据企业实际情况制定减碳的咨询服务;

  • 维护中国大陆、台湾及海外客户的关系;

  • 学习并更新碳市场相关的政策法规,为企业提供切实可行的资讯信息;

  • 协助着重于可再生能源和电力市场的研究,关注最新发布的新闻和政策;

  • 协助企业用户了解与可再生能源领域相关的国际倡议;

  • 搭建企业社交媒体;

  • 根据需要提供行政及线上及线下活动相关的协助。


  • 本科(如遇优秀者可放宽限制);

  • 专业不限,环境科学、市场营销、公共政策、国际关系、英语等相关专业优先;

  • 对气候变化和环境相关议题有热情和浓厚的兴趣;

  • 良好的中英文沟通能力,包括书面和口语表达(大学英语六级500分及以上或雅思6分及以上或同等级别证书);

  • 良好的抗压能力,工作仔细,态度认真,为人踏实,有较强的责任感;

  • 具有灵活性,愿意出差;

  • 熟练运用Word、Excel等常用办公软件;

  • 与远程团队有效开展合作;

  • 强自驱力,能够独立开展工作。


  • 本职位能让你尝试不同工作性质与内容,协助你找到自己的职涯热情。

  • 行业专家提供全程指导。

  • 为创造更加永续的地球环境及世界而努力。




  1. 英文求职信;

  2. 中、英文简历(请简明扼要地说明您的专业技能、工作经验及您如何满足工作要求和关键职责。)






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