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We are looking for You! ─ Taichung

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Mt.Stonegate Green Asset Management Ltd.

Assistant Project Manager, Taichung City

Who are we?

Mt.Stonegate is one of the most active renewable energy traders and consulting firms in the Asia Pacific region. We are headquartered in Taiwan, with operations in Shanghai and Japan. From carbon credits, renewable energy to wind farm development, we unlock hurdles each stops along the way to make possible the sourcing of renewable energy for corporates.

Our Core Values:

Work with an Open-Mind: Being in a fast-changing market, we stay flexible with the solutions we provide and are not afraid to make mistakes.

We love our work, and value our people: We devote energy and resources to building your skills and support your growth. We work as a team to support our mission and find genuine trust, love, and respect.

Who are we looking for?

We have an opening for Assistant Project Manager and this opportunity is currently available to new-grad students who are in their final year of study. This position is based at our Taichung office located in Xitun District.

Job Summary

As an Assistant Project Manager, you will be responsible for supporting project management

and communicate between project developers and corporate clients. Apart from that you will also work on developing tailored carbon reduction strategies for corporate clients.

Job Requirements

  • Undergraduate (No restrictions on education backgrounds in case of excellence)

  • Priority is given to Major in environmental sciences, marketing, public policy, international relations, English or related areas

  • Enthusiasm in environment-related issues and climate change

  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills in Mandarin Chinese (Native level) and English (Fluent)

  • Familiar with Microsoft Office including Word and Excel

  • Ability to work under pressure and on multiple tasks at a time

  • Self-driven and ability to work independently with minimal supervision

Key Responsibilities

  • Support corporate clients in better understanding of global initiatives related to the renewable energy field

  • Provide research assistance focusing on the renewable energy, power and carbon markets and keep abreast of latest policy and regulations

  • Provide administrative support and event support as required

Job Highlights

  • This role allows you to wear multiple hats to help you find your career passion

  • Become part of our great team and work with us towards a more sustainable planet

How to Apply?

If you are willing to take on steep learning curve, AND appreciate work-life balance, we would love to hear from you.

Please submit your interest with the following:

  1. Cover letter in English;

  2. Your CV in both Chinese and English, concisely demonstrating how you meet the required skills, experience or key responsibilities.

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正式員工招募 – 專案副理 – 台中總部






  • 我們背景多元、目標一致:邁向全球化的腳步引領我們成為一支來自不同背景和種族、充滿熱情的專業團隊。我們透過多元化的優勢支持我們的使命,在充滿熱情及尊重的工作環境中達成員工、公司和客戶的共同發展。

  • 我們拓寬視野、靈活創新:我們提供的解決方案始終保持靈活性,以因應快速變化的市場,並且不懼犯錯。

  • 我們熱情工作、重視員工:我們願意用耐心和豐富的資源培養你的技能、澆灌你的成長。我們以團隊的身份邁向共同的使命,尋找真誠、信任、愛與尊重。






  • 大學應屆畢業生(如遇優秀者可放寬限制);

  • 專業不限,環境科學、市場營銷、公共政策、國際關係、英語等相關專業優先;

  • 對氣候變遷和環境相關議題有熱情和濃厚的興趣;

  • 良好的中英文溝通能力,包括書面和口説表達(中文母語,英文流利);

  • 工作仔細,態度認真,為人踏實,有較強的責任感;

  • 熟練運用Word、Excel等常見辦公室軟體;

  • 良好的抗壓能力,同時處理多任務能力;

  • 具自律能力,能夠獨立執行工作。


  • 幫助企業及其供應鏈根據企業實際情況制定減碳的諮詢服務;

  • 維護中國、台灣及海外客戶的關係;

  • 學習並更新碳市場相關的政策法規,為企業提供切實可行的資訊訊息;

  • 協助重點再生能源和電力市場的研究,關注最新發佈的新聞和政策動向;

  • 提供企業用戶瞭解與再生能源領域相關的國際倡議;

  • 根據需要提供行政、實體及線上活動相關的協助。


  • 本職位能讓你挑戰不同的工作內容,協助你發掘自己的職涯熱情。

  • 與我們出色的團隊共事,為創造永續的地球環境而努力。




  1. 英文求職信;

  2. 中、英文簡歷(請簡明扼要地說明您的專業技能、工作經驗及您如何滿足工作要求和關鍵職責。)




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