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The evolution of the global carbon economy in the past decade: first-hand observation

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Editor by Dr. Sam Lien, Depart of Civil & Environmental Engineering, National Kaohsiung University

Managing Director of Mt Stonegate, Jules Chuang accepted an interview to share the relationship between the carbon market and renewable certificate market.

Jules Chuang is a board member of The International REC (I-REC). I-REC is an institution that encourages consumers to adopt renewable energy. The concept of market-oriented renewable energy environmental benefits is standardized and used to promote the success of the European market to the world.

The first country in the world to receive the I-REC Board resolution, the first successfully registered I-REC project, the first I-REC certificate issued, and the first transaction and used, happened in summer of 2014 . What's even more gratifying is that it all happened in Taiwan.

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