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National University of Kaohsiung and Mt.stonegate held “International Conference of the Establishmen

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

On Tuesday 7th December 2017,National University of Kaohsiung organized the “ International Conference of the Renewable Energy and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Management – the new challenge of Corporate Sustainable Development ”

The Conference Kicked off with the speaking of Ming Chun Hsu, the Vice-mayor of Kaohsiung Government. Also some top of thought leaders as speakers, including Dr. Hsing Lung Lien from NUK, Yen Haw Chen from TIER, Corine Ko from PWC, Ken Larsen from TGPC and Andrea Yu from Mt. Stonegate Green Asset Management.

The conference attracted many attendees to discuss the renewable energy development and GHG management together. Include renewable energy developer, technology industry, business and etc. And the discussion showed the importance of the relationship between renewable energy and Greenhouse Gas reduction.

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