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Mt. Stonegate was Invited to Attend ASE Group Best Supplier (2018) Award Ceremony

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The Advanced Semiconductor Engineering's (ASE Group) annual "2018 Best Supplier Awards Ceremony" was held on March 14th 2019 at Kaohsiung Hanshin Arena Shopping Plaza.

Mr. Wu Tien, president and CEO of ASE Inc., said that "ASE Group collaborated with the supply chain to expand its sustainable influence." In recent years, ASE Group has also focused on the sustainable development of SDGs. As a sustainable long-term strategies for the development , ASE Group has set the four targets "first is low carbon development, second is recycling and regeneration, third is social integration and the final is value creation.

In the 2018 Supplier Sustainability Award, the supplier's SDGs performance will be included in the selection criteria. ASE Group will continue to drive the semiconductor packaging and testing green supply chain as a sustainable development aim, with the sponsor's sustainable management award.

A total of 126 companies, and a total of 460 suppliers from the international semiconductor industry, including packaging and testing equipment, raw materials, parts, engineering contracting, processing and other suppliers, in order to promote the cycle of a circular economy.



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