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MSG Join in CDP

Updated: May 16, 2023

Want to be an Environmental Leader? MSG CAN HELP!

Congratulations! MSG became a CDP-accredited renewable energy solutions provider at the CDP Partner Signing Ceremony on April 18, 2023!

One of the indicators of corporate carbon reduction —— CDP

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an international non-profit organization that promotes disclosure and risk management of companies' carbon emissions and reduction strategies through stakeholder investors and brand supply chains. With the increasing enthusiasm for carbon reduction, CDP has also proposed the issues that enterprises should strengthen in that year, based on the annual questionnaire response. From the company's internal carbon pricing presented in 2020, to the Climate Transition Plan in 2021, to the 2022 Global Supply Chain Report released this year, each year CDP continues to come up with new low-carbon keywords that become carbon reduction targets for corporations for that year. Therefore, enterprises should not only achieve internal carbon reduction performances every year, but also pay attention to the various issues brought up by CDP at all times. Faced with such a succession of challenges, enterprises may feel overwhelmed. As a result, CDP is looking for Accredited Solution Providers (ASPs) to provide organizations with a reliable partner.

What is ASP?

ASP is an Environmental Service Provider accredited by CDP. CDP helps organisations to select reliable partners by auditing the professional services of providers, helping them to access accredited, high quality providers on the path to Net Zero. CDP classifies the ASPs they work with by "type of service provided", From basic services such as greenhouse gas inventories, corporate education and training, to services that are difficult to measure, such as calculations in Scope 3 and opportunity/risk assessments, there are all types of services available! Organizations can access CDP's official website to find an ASP that matches their needs for dependable sustainability consulting services. For example, if a company needs renewable energy to achieve its goals, either by regulation or on a voluntary requirement, they can look for a CDP partner that "offers renewable energy services" on the CDP website. The site then lists renewable energy providers or consultants that have been accredited by the CDP so that the company can get high-quality service in the quickest method.

Let MSG Lead You to a Better Future

MSG has been dedicated to environmental consulting since 2013, providing not only multiple renewable energy solutions, but also carbon credits development/procurement and environmental sustainability education training, among other services. So far, we have accumulated many stable partnerships. MSG is honored to be a member of ASP on the recommendation of our client! We also confirmed the strategic partnership with Beijing CDP in the afternoon of April 18, 2023 at the "2023 Annual Disclosure Kick-off Meeting". In the future, MSG will provide more organizational environmental solutions and more comprehensive one-stop sustainable development strategies through CDP, a channel that brings together our decade-long experience and expertise!


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