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How to popularize green power procurement right now?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

How to popularize green power procurement right now?

Energy transformation is the common goal of the entire international world in recent years. Since COP21, energy conservation and carbon reduction have been strongly linked to the use of renewable energy, and have become a key reduction strategy on international environmental issues.

Whether it is the electricity produced by its own equipment or the equipment installed by the supplier. In Taiwan the government encourages enterprises or households to build solar panels on the roof, as an option for green electricity procurement.

In the electricity user, whether it is the factory or households consumer, there is no way to endure the instability of the power supply. For enterprises or the general public, if it is necessary to make the amount of renewable energy power generation meet the demand for electricity at each time, it may need to invest a considerable amount of money to purchase equipment and spend maintain fee, so that it is possible to achieve continuous power consumption going 100% renewable energy power target.

In contrast to the experience of the country in the liberalization of the power market, self-investment in renewable energy equipment, signing green power purchase agreements, purchasing green electricity from suppliers, and purchasing green power certificates are all procurement options that companies and consumers can choose. But these countries actually took a long time to get to the mature free electricity market, and it is not a step to get there.

In the process of the market from the beginning to the maturity, the aforementioned options for purchasing green power have a gradual development and a specific development situation.



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