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Hanbao Farm accredited for the first carbon offset project in Taiwan!

Nanjitan Asset Management is affiliated to Mt.Stonegate.

Located in Changhua, Fangyuan, Hanbao Livestock & Farming Co., Ltd is the first animal farm to be licensed for carbon offsetting. Making use of pig manure, Hanbao farm handles everything from anaerobic fermentation to biogas recovery processes, transforming feces into valuable power generating resources. Situated above the pig sheds, are solar panels that generate green electricity to supply the farm’s daily energy demand. Following a series of verification and application procedures, Nanjitan Asset Management Ltd. assisted Hanbao in the receiving of accreditation from Taiwan EPA to qualify as a carbon offset project. With all the renewable energy facilities, Hanbao produces the amount of 27,000 tons of carbon reduction credits annually. 

As a long-term service provider for Hanbao Farm, Nanjitan Asset Management Ltd. is the long-term service partner who assisted Hanbao in registering for multiple renewable energy offsetting projects. Hanbao farming is an all-encompassing sustainable animal farm; besides the installation of solar power and biogas electricity generator to the utilization of leftover biogas residue and animal excrement, the farm also produces organic compost from wastewater treatment and receives additional carbon credits. 

Managing director, Jules Chuang from Nanjitan Asset Mangement Ltd. praises: “Chairman Chen of the Hanbao farm is a visionary!” To achieve GHG reduction and own green electricity is a completely new profession for pig farmers. Early on, when he was exposed to relevant information, Chairman Chen actively invested in his decision and was brave in contacting what he had little knowledge of. As a result, Hanbao Livestock Farm has now become the first livestock farm registered in Taiwan for the carbon offset project.



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