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Global Net Zero Carbon Challenge: Taking stock of carbon reduction opportunities in Asian countries

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Taichung, Taiwan (August 11 , 2021)— The Mt. Stonegate Green Asset Management Ltd. (MSG) and New Energy & Electricity Development Center of the National University of Kaohsiung on Wednesday (August 11) wrapped up a conference titled “The Forecast of Power and Carbon Market Opportunities and Challenges in Asia” with focuses on carbon and renewable energy markets of Japan, China, Taiwan, and India. Five speakers specializing in renewable energy procurement and carbon offset projects represented five countries gave remarks about the significance of carbon emissions reduction programs in the future of the corporate sector.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Hsing-Lung (Sam) Lien from the National University of Kaohsiung emphasized that the world should decouple economic growth from carbon emissions. In his talk namely “Challenges and Opportunities for Carbon Reduction in Taiwan’s Agriculture Sector” he brought forth the contribution that reduction efforts in agriculture are inadequate to reduce the total carbon emissions of the country. However, actions like supporting organic farming, afforestation plan, and biogas power generation in livestock farms can still make a difference. He also showcased the EN-ROADS stimulation for system thinking and system dynamics to analyze the correlation between human behavior and climate change.

Director of Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance (REBA), Mike Porter, presented “The Contribution of Renewable Energy to Net Zero Carbon Emissions” showing insight into the ways companies utilized renewable energy to eliminate emissions. He further identifies the revolutionized market leader towards carbon impact. He also shared REBA’s free platform that provides a database of organizations active in pursuing renewable energy across the globe.

CEO of E-Square Inc., Ken Oikawa presented “How do Japanese Companies Incorporate Renewable Energy Procurement Strategies into CSR?” highlighting the pressure for Japanese companies to commit to a variety of climate change and renewable energy initiatives. “Taking positive measures will bring about changes in the industrial structure and socio-economics, leading to the next big growth,” he told the audience.

Senior Manager Dongqi Yang representing Mt. Stonegate in Shanghai, talked about “Supply Chain Solutions and Green Power Sourcing Strategies in China” to illustrate the importance and outcomes of supply chain management corresponds to carbon emissions. She also gave an update on recent renewable energy procurement trends in China, such as purchasing Unbundled Energy Attributes Certificates, signing Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and developing renewable energy for self-use.

In addition, MSG’s Assistant Project Manager, Krishnan Srinivasan, presented “Evolution and Opportunities of Carbon Credits in the Indian Power and Agriculture Sector” showing a future outlook in the demands of carbon credits in India that greatly rely on agriculture.

The conference successfully concluded in delivering information about the current market trends of carbon and renewable energy. It emphasized that the increase of climate change policies and initiatives will lead the corporates to consider carbon emissions reduction in their decision-making in the future. This pressure creates future demands of power and carbon markets globally. Though the conference was initially planned as an in-person activity, the organizing committee’s decision to move online allowed reaching over 100 participants from all over the world.

The advisor and co-organizer of this conference include Environmental Protection Administration Executive Yuan, R.O.C (Taiwan), Nanjitan Carbon Management Ltd, and Taiwan Business Council for Sustainable Development. Also, supported by Arbon Capital Co., Ltd, Bureau Veritas Group, Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance, and Rocky Mountain Institute.

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