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Diverse Green Power Options from Taipower Expected to Expand by Late 2023

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Writer: Yvonne TSENG, George K. E. KIONGSON

Social Media Team: Irina LIN

Pic1.MOEA Minister Wang Mei-Hua (Source: MOEA)

Manufacturers towards net zero by 2030

Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan pointed out that the EU adopted rules for the carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) and began trial implementation on Oct.1st. The development of green electricity has become an international trend. Major global manufacturers are getting faster and faster towards net zero, and they also require the supply chain to achieve net zero carbon emissions. Under international pressure for net-zero carbon emissions, many small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan want to buy green electricity but cannot. For example, Apple requires the supply chain to be carbon neutral by 2030, which is vital for TSMC in the future. It significantly impacts end-related supply chains and shows that green electricity is already a rigid demand for Taiwan's export-oriented industries.

Taipower will launch small-packaged of electricity sales plan

Taipower (TPC) broke from the previous non-sales model and launched a small green electricity sales plan. In order to provide domestic enterprises with diversified green electricity choices from self-built renewable energy sites. It’s the first time to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with urgent green electricity needs.

To release about 50 million kWh of green electricity by 2023

At the same time, taking the demand of small and medium-sized enterprises into account, it will launch different quantities. TPC Oct.13th announced for the first time a small-package green electricity sales plan. It is expected to release about 50,000 MWh of self-built green electricity from Nanyan Optoelectronics(南鹽光電) and Changbin Optoelectronics(彰濱光電) before the end of the year.

October 25th will sell 10,000 MWh for the first batch

TPC further explained that the first phase of 10,000 MWh of green electricity will be sold on Oct.25th. There are six combinations of 10 MWh and 50 MWh with different quantities and 1-year term, 3-year term, and 5-year term, which are publicly auctioned on the green electricity matching platform of the National Renewable Energy Certificate Center of the Bureau of Standards and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs The items of the second phase will be on the shelves on Nov.15th, releasing 40,000 MWh.TPC stated that to allow more companies to purchase green power, the first batch of winning bidders will not be allowed to participate in the second batch of bidding. Those who did not win the first batch of bids will still have the second batch of bidding opportunities before the end of 2023. As for next year, whether to continue to release green electricity will depend on the “trial” of this year. The final selling price will be determined through the National Renewable Energy Certificate Center platform mediation process, and the transfer is expected to begin in 2024.

Pic2.TPC sales small-packaged green electricity (Data Source:TPC)

The trial provides various green electricity products

Through this trial, enterprises learn how to manage their renewable energy procurement. Therefore, enterprises will combine green electricity solutions to match their electricity consumption patterns. Besides, to maintain fairness, only one package can be owned for one electricity number. It can avoid large-scale acquisitions by specific users. TPC emphasized that the development of green electricity has become a rigid demand for domestic industries for export. It’s critical to Taiwan’s overall economy and strategic position. Therefore, the government, the private sector, and TPC have invested heavily in constructing green electricity facilities in recent years.

It can reduce carbon emissions and help Taiwanese companies implement ESG sustainable development and meet international green supply chain requirements. TPC will continue to provide various green electricity products and jointly work toward net-zero carbon reduction.

Enterprises have another choice to meet green electricity requirements

According to the green electricity requirements of different small-medium sized enterprises, not only buy the small-packaged from TPC but also can buy I-REC, helping to meet RE100 and green electricity requirements. Renewable Energy Certificates, or I-RECs, are global certificates proving energy generation through renewable sources. As an I-REC provider, Mt.stonegate provided the I-RECs are sourced locally in Taiwan. Mt. Stonegate Group offers a one-step solution and assists corporates in fulfilling sustainability globally, which includes renewable energy solutions and consulting services. It also provides the most comprehensive solutions, leading them to a better future.




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