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Asia Renewable Electricity Energy Procurement Conference

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

As important citizens of the earth, how companies could formulate relevant strategies and actual execution plans to deal with climate change hazards will become an increasingly urgent issue. Data shows that most of global greenhouse gas emissions are coming from power sector. The energy transition program is the goal that governments and international organizations are actively promoting recently.

In order to reflect their emphasis on energy transition, more and more international enterprises joined RE100 in recent years. By joining RE100, corporates and their supply chains need to fulfill their power consumption by renewable energy, including the facilities located in Asia. Unlike the matured power market in Europe and America, many countries in Asia are still in the early stage of deregulation and market liberalization. Companies would face big challenges on purchasing renewable electricity.

Unlike tangible products, intangible electricity procurement would involve international initiatives, local regulations, current situation of supply and demand in the market and other factors during the procurement process. This conference invites government agencies and international organizations to share renewable energy development in Asia and invites companies to share their own development and trading experience in the market to help more companies who want to join the renewable energy electricity market to understand the market practice and how to purchase renewable energy electricity in line with international standards and their own goals.



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