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5th International CSR Summit 2019 (ICS 2019) in Taipei

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

The time to act is now. Aggressively. The International CSR Summit 2019 (ICS 2019) in Taipei once again unite more than 300 thought leaders, CSR doers, public sectors, civil society from across Asia on a dynamic platform with a joint theme Take A Stand: Delivering on the Global Goals.

What is your part in creating a sustainable world? This summit, we wish to influence business decision makers to aggressively deliver on the 2030 agenda through its 17 Sustainable Development Goals with the message “we need to take a stand, start acting and delivering on the global goals to create a better world, none of the Sustainable Development Goals can be met unless met for all.”

Mt. Stonegate will attend the panel discussion: De-Carbonising Value Chains to Reach a Net Positive and Socially Responsible Organization. It will start at 3:00 p.m., 24th May 2019 ; discussing the growing risks associated with climate change, companies are looking ways to accelerate the adoption of de-carbonising actions across the company to achieve net zero carbon emissions. This session calls for the urgency of de-carbonisation to shift to a sustainable, socially responsible, low carbon economy to future proof economy and planet. Discover the actions and implementations to facilitate this shift including governance transformation and large-scale collaborations across the industry value chain.

  • Location: Hilton Taipei Sinban, Taiwan ( Minquan Road, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 220 )

  • Date: 24th-25th May, 2019



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