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企業におけるネットゼロ エミッションの可能性と課題

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Green Workshop: The opportunities and challenges of Net Zero Emissions for Enterprises

"ネット・ゼロ "は、特にCOP26以降、世界的に話題になっています。多くの国で、企業の温室効果ガス排出を制限する気候変動規制が作られ、カーボンニュートラル、あるいはネットゼロを目指す国レベルの目標が設定されています。このような急激な変化は、企業にとって課題をもたらすと同時に、チャンスを生み出す可能性もあるのでは。それにより、ほぼすべての企業が、さまざまな国でネット・ゼロに向けた実行可能な解決策を模索しているのです。


“Net-Zero” has become a hot topic worldwide, especially after COP26. Many countries have made climate regulations to limit corporates' greenhouse gas emissions and set national goals to reach carbon neutral or even net-zero. These rapid changes could bring challenges, but could also create opportunities for corporates. Almost every company is searching for viable solutions toward net-zero in different countries.

In this webinar, we will discuss the current movements of corporates in Japan, introduce solutions in facing these hurdles in China and Southeast Asia, as well as the transition of the oil and gas industry. After this webinar, we hope every participant will be able to gain more insights and make decisions beneficial to the corporates and the environment.


⚠️The form will be closed on Jan 14th at 5pm. Please call/email May after the deadline passes⚠️

Sign up HERE (Microsoft Forms)

Date:2022/1/19 (水曜日)

Time:13:00 ~ 16:00 (GMT+8) / JST_14:00 ~17:00

Location :Online(Zoom, English and Japanese simultaneous interpreting)


(Mt. Stonegate Green Asset Management Ltd.)

共催Co-organizers:株式会社イースクエア (E-Square Inc.)

Contact information:

May Kuan, Assistant Project Manager

Mt.Stonegate Green Asset Management Ltd.

TEL:+886 4 2380 7548

FAX:+886 4 2380 7549



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