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International Renewable Energy Certificates


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The International REC Standard (I-REC Standard) is a non-profit organization aims to spread the principles of energy attribute tracking systems (REC systems) worldwide. This is to promote a consistent and verifiable product that enables a reliable and transparent consumer choice for renewable electricity in all regions of the world.

The fundamental purpose of introducing I-REC is to provide a market instrument for consumers in the markets without their own energy attribute tracking system. For example, there is no available tools in some Asian countries such as China, Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia, as well as some Central and South American countries.

As the first market player based in Asia, Mt.Stonegate has been active in Asian and Southeast Asian countries ever since I-REC is available. Furthermore, our Managing Director Jules Chuang is one of the founder and board member of I-REC Standard. We are also working closely with the Chinese authorities to explore the possibilities of I-REC in China ( For more details please go to:

I-RECs are recognized and endorsed in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance document, CDP technical guidelines and sustainability surveys as well as RE100 methodology and technical papers.

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Other Certificates


Mt. Stonegate assist clients to gain access to local green energy certificates globally, such as the Japanese Green Energy Certificate(GECJ) and Chinese Green Energy Certificate(GECC) in Asia, Guarantee of Origin(GO) in Europe and Renewable Energy Certificate(REC) in North America. With our international partners worldwide and our experience in the energy field, Mt. Stonegate provide one-stop services and continues to widen the service portfolio to satisfy customer demands. 

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Power Purchase Agreement



We are eager to assist consumers to switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy. Since our initial work in the carbon market, Mt. Stonegate has built long-lasting partnerships with various renewable power plants and trading partners around the world.

Owing to power market liberalization, end-users today are allowed to directly source renewable energy electricity in Asia. We offer in-depth reports for clients to understand their power demand curve, create a market pricing analysis as well as a selection of power plant portfolio and related reference document. Meanwhile, Mt. Stonegate also assist counterparties in negotiation. 

Post-implementation of Power Purchase Agreement(PPA), Mt. Stonegate also provides consulting services for environmental attribute certificates (EACs) and redemption on behalf of the clients. 

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Energy Consulting


Mt. Stonegate has contributed to the power market in Asia for years. As our understandings of the Asian power market, the governers have begun to set goals or take actions in the renewable power sector to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. While some countries have developed own national schemes to encourage consumption, such as Japan, China or Korea, Mt. Stonegate has also developed innovative solutions for clients engaging in the voluntary markets. 

Mt. Stonegate is on top of the latest market trend in each country in Asia to provide the best quality products in compliance with the Greenhouse Gas Scope 2 Guidance. Mt. Stonegate has access to over 1,000 MW of renewable power capacity on selected power plants in Asia and had helped purchased over 1,300,000 MWh of International Renewable Energy Certificates (I-RECs) in 5 years. See where we provide renewable power in Asia here

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