Sustainable Solutions

From on site emission reduction, greenhouse gas examination to renewable energy sourcing, we make ease the process and optimize your spendings on environmental goals.

Whether your target is to acheive carbon reduction or enhance your team's knowledge on understanding renewable energy, we have the right solutions for you.

Sustainability Reporting



GHG Protocol

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Mt.Stonegate works with organizations to strategize milestones and acheive 

sustainable goals.

Goal Setting

Monitor, Review and Update

Concept Ideation

Strategy Identification

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Solutions Realization

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Global Power Market Intelligence




   We are Global.

Our detailed market progression reports guide you to explore the latest power procurement possibilities. Gaining a better understanding now helps you make the best informed decision against fast changes in the market in the future.

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Renewable Energy

  • Market Overview 

  • Energy Mix and Trends

  • Market Instruments and Substitutes

  • Energy Pricing Forecast

Regulatory Compliance

  • Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)

  • Intercontinental Compliance

  • Regional Power Supply and Latest Regulation Updates

Trees From Above

Carbon Market

  • Local Regulation Compliance

  • Pricing Trends and Forecast

I-REC (International 

Renewable Energy Certificates)

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From no solution,

to We found Solution.

Our managing director is one of the founding members and a board member of the International REC Standard (I-REC Standard). A non-profit organization aim at bringing traceable attribute tracking system to countries without their own.

Read More about International Renewable Energy Certificates ->


Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Power purchase agreements are contracts between buyers of electricity and renewable project developers that guarantees the buyer purchase, and the developer provides the agreed volume of electricity for a specified period of time.

We have a number of projects under development, and are eager to assist you in switching from fossil fuel to renewable energy. Mt.Stonegate offer in-depth reports for clients to understand their power demand curve, create a market pricing analysis as well as a selection of power plant portfolio and related reference document. 


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