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We are hiring! 石門山招募 Assistant Project Manager (master's degree preferred)/Project Assistant 正職與實習生

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Location / Taichung, Taiwan

Ready to turn your learning into an experience?

Come join us for an internship/assistant project manager opportunity at Mt.Stonegate.

We are a company that continues to expand its extensive global network! Our internship provides you hands-on opportunity to get to know the energy sector and learn about how renewable energy serves its functions.

By joining us, you will get hands-on experience working in various energy attribute markets in the world and provide strategic consulting for corporates who wish to achieve carbon reduction goals. During your time here, we provide a role beyond data entry tasks, which will require your out-of-the-box thinking and creative initiatives to make an impact.

Who Are We?

Mt.Stonegate is one of the most active renewable energy traders and consulting firms in the Asia Pacific region. We are headquartered in Taiwan, with operations in China and Japan. From carbon credits, renewable energy to wind farm development, we unlock hurdles each stops along the way to make possible the sourcing of renewable energy for corporates.

Our Core Values:

Our globalized outreach has found us a passionate team of professionals with diverse backgrounds and ethnicity. We play diversity to our strength to support our mission and find genuine harmony in love and respect.

  • Working Open-Mind: Being in a fast-changing market, we stay flexible with the solutions we provide and are not afraid to make mistakes.

  • We Love our Work, and Value our People: We devote energy and resources to building your skills and support your growth. We work as a team to support our mission and find genuine harmony, love, and respect.

Who are we looking for?

Recent graduates of Master's Degree are preferred, but this opportunity is currently open to students in their third or final year of study.

  • No prior work experiences required.

  • Open-minded problem solver who is willing to climb every mountain. (rhetorically and physically!)

  • You thrive working independently and working as part of a team.

  • You are passionate to deliver results.

  • Fluent in Chinese and English. Additional language(s) is a plus.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Analyze regional electricity market structures and renewable energy trading activities

  2. Evaluate industry requirements to GHG reporting and CSR commitments

  3. Conduct market research on multinational corporates' performance on sustainability

  4. Evaluate possibilities of foreign services opportunities

Our Highlights:

  • Multi-focused roles to help you find your passion

  • Industry professionals to guide you along the way

  • Lead to an opportunity to join us full-time employee

  • Contribution to making the world a more sustainable place

How to Apply?

Please submit your resume and cover letter to The application closes on April 30th, 2021.



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