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ICT Sector can lead Asia’s Renewable Development | ICTセクターはアジアの再生可能エネルギー開発をリードできる

As widely known, ICT sectors consume a massive amount of electricity and water to support their operations. At the same time, many countries are starting to strengthen their strategies towards sustainability, which makes the ICT sector needs to actively seek a more sustainable option.

Over the last 10 years, 52% growth of revenue from the ICT sector is coming from the Asia Pacific region and it is predicted the APAC region will be the fastest-growing location for data centers. In addition, one-fifth of RE100 members are the ICT industries which means the demand for renewable electricity is set to grow further.

APAC market is one of the most challenging regions in terms of renewable energy procurement. In order to successfully overcome the challenge, ICT sectors need to have clear and ambitious goals with some flexible strategies. Flexible strategies are an important factor for ICT industries to counter the complexity of policies in each country. For example, only EAC is currently available in most APAC countries, but in the coming years, other solutions such as PPA, VPPA, and green products.

Although the progress has been slow, the APAC market is evolving with more and more companies commit to renewable consumption. APAC-based companies such as TSMC and Tencent have set ambitious goals and indirectly can put pressure to decarbonize the region.



APAC市場が再エネの調達は最も難しい地域の一つで、この課題を乗り越えるためには、情報通信産業は明確で野心的な目標を持ち、かつ柔軟な戦略を立てる必要がある。柔軟な戦略は、ICT産業にとって各国の複雑な政策に対応するには大事な要素だ。例えば、現在APACのほとんどの国ではEACしか利用できず、今後数年のうち、PPA, VPPAグリーン製品などのソリューションも利用できるようになるでしょう。


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