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The Mt.Stonegate Group

Mt. Stonegate was founded in 2013, dedicated to providing the best green asset management and consulting services to corporate clients. With years of expertise in the global power market, we have developed prescient energy sourcing approaches and multi-national solutions to help our clients achieve a social and environmental revolution in the field of renewable energy.


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Building a sustainable ecosystem with our business partners.

Our Affiliates

As we continue to think beyond the present, Mt.Stonegate commits to providing only solutions that are sustainable. Beyond our innovative concepts, we have an ecosystem that sets a strong foundation for our entrusting relationships with clients. Our works win against the test of time, offer variety and flexibility, and channel clear communication for larger transactions.

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Mt.Stonegate Green Asset Management Ltd.
Global Renewable Energy Sourcing & Consulting Services
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Arbon Capital Co. Ltd.
Renewable Energy Project Development
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Nanjitan Asset Management Ltd.
Carbon Credits & Asset Management

Managing Director


Jules has extensive involvement in all areas of energy and climate markets,  particularly in the renewable energy sectors (wind, biogas, biomass, solar).

As an environmental scientist and energy economist, Jules has served senior management roles in the field of finance and investment in Asia and the United States, and also committed to the carbon market for years.

Most recently, Jules became a co-founding member and inventor of the idea for the International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC) Standard Foundation and has successfully led various projects to promote renewable energy to the world with the faith of sustainability. 

  • Co-Founder and Member of the Board at International REC Standard 

  • Member of the GHG Technical Workgroup

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